Founding history

The Society was established by Scott Russell in March 2010. Through Scott’s contacts with Hope University regular meetings were established, in a good venue, with a collection of players of varying ages and experience attending.

Very quickly, from the desire of the attending guitarists to play together, an ensemble of mixed abilities emerged as a side project of the Society. A website was developed to explain and promote the goals of the Society.

Some incredible opportunities presented themselves to the Society very early on to have Society members perform both as soloists and with the ensemble at the Walker Art Gallery and Hope University. This put the name of the Society in the minds of the Liverpool art and music scene and has led to further concerts at the Capstone Theatre, as a support act; the Williamson Art Gallery; and as the main music event for a whole evening at the Walker Art Gallery in November 2010. These performances saw new pieces premiered by local composers.

Also in November 2010 the Society also promoted its first concert in Liverpool for upcoming guitarist Gerard Cousins.

The Liverpool Guitar Society and the Liverpool Guitar Ensemble

There are two important strands to Liverpool Guitar Society:

1. Liverpool Guitar Society

The Guitar Society exists as a point of meeting for like minded classical guitar players and enthusiasm. Whilst there are opportunities at meetings for members to play to the meeting, this is but a part of the Society’s activities. The Society exists to:

  • Advance, improve, develop and maintain public education in, and appreciation of, classical guitar music in all its aspects.
  • Promote the classical guitar, its music and its performers; especially (but not exclusively) in the Liverpool and Merseyside region.
  • Enable LGS members to develop a better understanding of the classical guitar and to improve as players of the instrument.
  • Enable the LGS to contribute to the furtherance of the classical guitar and to be an influence in the classical guitar world.

The LGS intends to achieve these through:

  • Providing a regular outlet for its members (at all standards of ability) to play, through meetings, concerts and other events.
  • Acting as a focus for classical guitar within the Liverpool and Merseyside region; to promote discussion, debate and learning about the guitar, its composers and its players.
  • Fostering ensemble playing, composition and innovation.
  • Setting up and running concerts by professional and amateur guitarists.
  • Promoting guitar events and the classical guitar itself through the LGS web-site and other publicity avenues.
  • Supporting aspiring guitarists through playing and learning opportunities.
  • Engaging with and building links with Guitar and Music Societies and other cultural organisations in the North West, the UK and internationally.
  • Running specialist groups within the LGS where appropriate.
  • Fostering a better understanding of, and support for, the classical guitar in the general populace outside the LGS membership.

2. Liverpool Guitar Ensemble

The Liverpool Guitar Ensemble is currently a collection of members of LGS who wish to play as a guitar ensemble, generally playing music written or arranged for classical guitar quartet. The number of parts varies to accommodate the number of available players. Arrangements are written and chosen deliberately to cater for players of all abilities.

Membership is open to anyone who wishes to come along and join in with our regular ensemble rehearsals. As a member of this community you will have the opportunity to perform, when ready, at numerous events throughout the year. Please look at this page for information about joining.