Liverpool Guitar Society 2014 Summary

We’ve just had our annual general meeting in which we decided to change the structure of our meetings a bit so please see the updated meeting page with details of when we meet and what happens at a meeting. Please check this out if you’re interested in joining us.

We also looked back over 2014 and all the things we’ve been involved in.

At the end of 2013, at the AGM Liverpool Guitar Society decided to focus their activity in 2013 on playing more concerts, as soloists and with quartets.

We began January with a new meeting venue at the Bluecoat.

In March Artisans Fair asked to provide background music at Palm House. Soloists and a quartet from the Society performed throughout the afternoon.

In March we had our first joint venture with Chester Guitar Circle. After months in planning we put on a concert featuring two great guitarists Gerard Cousins and Derek Gripper in Chester attended by about 80 people. This collaboration with and assistance to Chester was a great success.

We also initiated contact initiated with North Wales Guitar Circle around this time.

Many members attended ex-member Jenny Nelson’s solo concert in Liverpool in April and an associated guitar show from another ex-member Tony Nugent (Nugent Guitars).

We noticed that Swedish guitarist Johannes Moller would be playing solo concert in Hope
University in May. So we managed to arrange a master class for the following day which was a great success.

We organised but unfortunately had to cancel at short notice private concert with Australian guitarist Philip Morris concert in October. Hopefully we’ll get another opportunity sometime.

In October we had a visit from Sheffield Luthier James Lister who gave a very interesting talk on guitars.

As with the previous two years we arranged some slots to take part in the International Guitar Festival of Great Britain on the Wirral. Discussed collaboration with Chester for quartet show, which was extended to include a duo from North Wales Guitar Circle. This culminated in the “3 Circles Concert” in November in New Brighton.

We also provided solo performance opportunities for members at New Brighton Floral Pavilion lunch to a large audience that month.

We’re lining a few events up for 2015. Watch this space!

Liverpool Guitar Society’s 2013 in review

At the end of 2012, at the AGM Liverpool Guitar Society decided to focus their activity in 2013 on playing more concerts, as soloists and with quartets, but also to resurrect the Guitar Orchestra, with a dedicated conductor and ‘principle guitarists’ for each part. Members suggested pieces they’d like to play as part of a guitar orchestra and rehearsals began in January.

In February, soloists and quartets from the Society played another afternoon set in Sefton Park’s Palm House, enjoying another large attendance. On this occasion we invited friends from Chester Guitar Circle to join us to play some pieces marking our first collaboration with another society.

We were invited to send a quartet over to play a support slot at an fund-raising event for School in Birkenhead. Headlining this concert were our patrons The Katona Twins.

We also arranged a talk by Paul Balmer on the life of Brendan McCormack, who initiated Liverpool Classical Guitar Society in the 1960’s.

Some small scale guest guitarist events featuring solo performances to our members took place over the summer with local Liverpool guitarist and friend of the Society Tony Crotty playing a selection from his rendition of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells for solo classical guitar.

Peter Katona from The Katona Twins also gave an impromptu solo performance and a master class for members.

In August we made available a CD of our performance of Richard Harding’s Symbiosis (from performance in Aug 2012 at Maritime Museum). Society members also gave a further performance by at the Palm House before another busy schedule of November concerts.

We played to a small crowd at the Capstone Theatre at the start of the month, with quartets and the first performance by the full guitar orchestra. Another Palm House Concert followed before our second set of appearances at the International Guitar Festival of Great Britain on the Wirral. These began with a Quartets concert at Birkenhead Priory, before a set by the full guitar orchestra at New Brighton’s Floral Pavilion as an aftershow event in the bar area following John William’s concert. Three soloists also performed lunchtime solo sets at New Brighton’s Floral Pavilion. We rounded off the year with a further concert on request from the Palm House to which we also invited some players from Chester Guitar Circle.